#BlackWomenLead Sister to Sister Salon Conversations

According to a study from the University of California, the U.S. political system ignores Black women’s voices in political decisions more than any other group.   We think you would agree that this is not fair or just.  We know that Black women’s voices, votes and leadership matter.

Higher Heights is gathering Black women across the country in homes, churches, schools, and hair salons to have a conversation on how to flex our collective power to produce change in our communities and this country.

We want you to imagine an America in which Black women are full participants in making the decisions that affect our lives, our communities, and this country.

Salon conversations are gatherings in which Black women come together and share their views, concerns, and opinions about their political power and leadership potential.

These interactive conversations explore the issues that Black women care about and possible solutions, as well as identify the barriers and opportunities that exist to build an effective strategy to support and expand Black women's leadership.

Sign up to be host today and gather your mother, aunts, sisters, sorors and girlfriends for a national conversation on harnessing Black women’s political power and leadership potential from the voting booth to elected representation.