Chisholm 50 Sisters to Watch

Higher Heights is proud to present the Chisholm 50 Sisters to Watch List—a roundup highlighting 50 Black women whose elected leadership will help shape and advance America’s political agenda over the next two years. Here’s why they are sisters to watch.

Congressional Black Cacus Profile Picture

From one female member in 1971 (Chisholm) to 25 today, the women of the CBC are claiming Black women’s long-over due seats at decision-making tables. They now make up nearly half the CBC membership & several are leading House committees and subcommittees. #BlackWomenLead #Chisholm50

Kamala Harris Profile Picture

She became the third Black woman to run for president as a democrat, after recently succeeding in getting the Senate to pass an antilynching bill—an effort that failed 200 previous attempts. #BlackWomenLead #Chisholm50

Maxine Waters Profile Picture

One of the most influential & powerful House Democrats, Maxine Waters currently chairs the House Financial Services Committee. Presidential accountability and preventing dismantlement of the Consumer Protection Agency are her top priorities. #BlackWomenLead #Chisholm50

Barbara Lee Profile Picture

A 20-year congressional veteran, Barbara Lee was recently appointed to co-chair the House Steering & Policy Committee, which gives her power to shape House Democrat’s agenda & investigations. Check her out on #BlackWomenLead #Chisholm50

Karen Bass Profile Picture

Karen Bass chairs the largest Congressional Black Caucus in history, & with five members chairing House committees, she’s positioned to elevate Black voters’ concerns & rally the Congressional Black Caucus in support or opposition to bills coming out of these committees. #BlackWomenLead #Chisholm50

Jahana Hayes Profile Picture

Jahana Hayes was a teen mother who used education as a route out of poverty. As a legislator, she’s a strong voice for students, educational equity & under-resourced families. She received the 2016 National Teacher of the Year Award. #BlackWomenLead #Chisholm50


#BlackWomenLead Reading List

We are honored and excited to highlight dynamic Black women authors, who in the spirt of Shirley Chisholm– are truth tellers and have written stories to illuminate larger truths and themes that affect us all.

Chisholm entered office at a moment when our country was challenged by divisive ideologies and policies, but she refused to let these divisions detour her work to enact progressive policies that ensure civil and human rights and opportunities for all Americans.

The Black women authors are being celebrated under the #Chisholm50 umbrella because they are torch carriers of Shirley Chisholm’s legacy by lifting the voices of Black women without sacrificing heritage, language, or voice.

Please enjoy our Chisholm 50 #BlackWomenLead Reading list.