Our Programs

Sister to Sister Salon Conversations

Sister to Sister Salon Conversations are gatherings in which Black women come together and share their views, concerns and opinions about their political power and leadership potential. We also encourage and provide toolkits for Black women to host salons in their community.

These interactive conversations explore the issues that Black women care about and possible solutions, as well as identify the barriers and opportunities that exist to build an effective strategy to support and expand Black women's leadership.
These interactive small group conversations explore what are the most pressing issues concerning Black women.

What to learn more information or sign up to host a salon click here.

Sunday Brunch with Higher Heights

Sunday Brunch with Higher Heights is bringing the power of talking and brunching into the twenty-first century. A joint program on Higher Heights for America and Higher Heights Leadership Fund, this monthly social-media-driven series seeks to encourage Black women to become part of national conversations on trending political and current events affecting their communities.

Our effort to engage and mobilize Black women– one of the largest groups of users of social media –through this monthly Sunday Brunch series provides opportunities for them to learn, comment, and take action on important legislative, policy, and leadership issues of the day across multiple social media platforms.

These virtual brunches take place from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST every second Sunday of the month. These events offer up a compelling menu of opinion pieces, blogs, Twitter town hall chats, and live webcast interviews with well-known and emerging politicians, journalists, activists, and political analysts. To read the latest Sunday Brunch edition click here.

Sistas to Watch

When looking at politics and government, our representation remains mostly white and mostly male. Look closer and you can see 18 Black women, serving in Congress. Look even closer and you see 250 Black women legislators, serving in 44 states.

These women and many others across the country are fighting for what is important to Black women, their families and our nation.

Whether we are looking at corporations, government, universities, the media, or leaders of advocacy groups, we see more and more Black women leading.

Higher Heights’ Sistas to Watch series highlights the accomplishments of phenomenal Black Women who are galvanizing, organizing and mobilizing political power locally and nationally to impact change. It is time for us to celebrate these women – our Sistas to Watch.