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New Poll: 7 in 10 Black women voters are extremely worried about voter suppression in the 2022 elections

BROOKLYN (January 20, 2022) – Last night, as the Senate failed to pass vital legislation on voting rights, Higher Heights President Glynda C.Carr released the following statement:

“Exercising the right to vote should not be controversial or challenging. The right to vote defines us as a nation. While this vote is a setback, it sets the stage for a comeback. We will not stand down on this pivotal fight to ensure that the voices and votes of all Americans are heard at the ballot box.

Black women are a pivotal voting bloc and we continue to call on lawmakers to take action to ensure that civic participation in America continues to move forward, not backward and that the United States has the most inclusive and equitable democracy in the world. 

In conjunction with Change Research, Higher Heights recently conducted a poll of 500 Black women voters. When asked about what concerns them most, 7 in 10 Black women voters are extremely worried about voter suppression in the 2022 elections that prevent their voices from being heard.

When asked, “what is the one main issue that keeps you up at night?,” the most common response describes voter suppression, voting rights, and/or the erosion of democracy.

Then when asked to choose from a list what worries them most, the most common answer (40% selected) is voter suppression preventing their voices from being heard. 

The facts are clear, democracy is on the ballot. This is simply a fight that we cannot stand down on. 

Higher Heights has been on the frontlines of this fight with fellow advocates, and we will continue to be on the front lines with other Black women leaders in the fight to protect our voting rights. Black women leaders will lead the charge in ensuring that all Americans have our freedom to vote respected and our voices heard and work to advance legislation that will protect us and reform the broken systems that oppress us.” 


Higher Heights for America is the only national organization providing Black women with a political home exclusively dedicated to harnessing their power to expand Black women’s elected representation and voting participation, and advance progressive policies from the voting booth to elected office and creating the environment for Black women to run, win and lead. For additional information, visit