#BlackWomenVote: Share Your Story on Why You Vote

cleveland_women.jpgWe’re just two days away from Election Day, and Higher Heights wants to hear from black women across the country about what motivates them to vote. This is a pivotal midterm election that, among other things, will determine what elected officials you send to Washington, DC, to represent your interests, pass legislation and create policies that govern and affect your life. The #BlackWomenVote campaign is rallying black women to turn out in high numbers on Tuesday, November 4th so we can have a say in who those representatives will be. 

Black women had the highest voter turnout in the 2012 presidential election, representing almost 70 percent of the black electorate and surpassing our 2008 record-breaking numbers. Many are expecting us to stay home this Tuesday. Let's prove them wrong.

Your vote counts and your voice matters!  Share your story and help inspire another sista to show up and cast her vote on Election Day. If you share your story, Higher Heights will send you a pair of #BlackWomenLead and #BlackWomenVote buttons.

To share your story on why you vote, click here.