April 2016 #SundayBrunch Menu

Will 2016 be the Year #BlackWomenLead on the Ballot?
By Glynda Carr and Kimberly Peeler-Allen
Co-Founders, Higher Heights

My Friend Donna Edwards
By Valerie Ervin

Sista to Watch: U.S. Senate Candidates Edition
Donna Edwards
Kamala Harris

The Sunday Brunch series is a gathering spot across multiple social media platforms, where Black women of all ages can check in to learn, comment and take action on important issues of the day.

Higher Heights provides the brunch menu, a compelling collection of opinion pieces, blogs, Twitter town-hall chats, and live webcast interviews with well-known and emerging politicians, journalists, activists and political analysts.

Women across the country join in thoughtful, moderated conversations by visiting the Higher Heights’ website, Facebook page or logging onto Twitter during the events.