Last week, ABC’s new show The Mayor premiered, telling the story of a 27-year-old rapper-turned-mayor. The Mayor challenges us to reconsider who can run for office – and what they can accomplish once they’re there.

Higher Heights has teamed up with the #IfIWasTheMayor campaign  that includes coalition of groups like Color of Change, Run for Something, and She Should Run.

Since last year’s election, there’s been a surge of interest in running for office from women, people of color, and young people, but a lot of people still don’t picture themselves as leaders.  With this campaign, we can challenge each other and ourselves to think deeper about what it means to be a leader and the barriers that can prevent a real-life 27-year-old black person from getting elected mayor.
We’ll be sharing the stories of Black women talking about what they would do if they were the mayor – and ways to break down the barriers preventing more people from running for office, like big money in politics and voter suppression. 
Check out some of the stories that have been shared so far at IfIWastheMayor.com – and even submit your own. Check it out here.  www.ifiwasthemayor.com