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This year marks the 60th anniversary of Brown v. the Board of Education, the Supreme Court ruling that ended segregation in public schools. The decision was intended to ensure that African American and other minority children were afforded the same standard of education that was, up to that point, reserved for white children.

Many believe, however, that desegregation was a failed experiment, and as First Lady Michelle Obama noted in a recent speech, public schools across the country are nearly as segregated as they were half a century ago. What’s more, schools serving communities of color are frequently ill equipped to adequately serve their students compared to those in predominantly white communities.

With kids heading back to school and the November election looming, public education is top of mind for voters. Many want to know what legislators plan to do to level the playing field and provide quality education to children in all communities.

What education reform issue do you believe candidates should make the top priority in 2014?

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