Vi Lyles


Vi Lyles
Charlotte, NC

UPDATE: 9/12/17 Vi Lyles wins Democratic Primary 46% to 36% over the incumbent.  She avoids a runoff and looks to face the winner of the Republican Primary in November.

Higher Heights for America is excited to endorse Vi Lyles for mayor of Charlotte, NC, our nation's 22nd largest city.

Black women are underrepresented in the executive leadership of our nation's largest cities.  Currently, of the top 100 cities in the United States by population, only 4 are led by Black women mayors (4%).

Higher Heights for America is investing in a 2020 strategy to elect more Black women Mayors of major cities. We know that by electing strong leaders who have a vision and commitment to strengthening and investing in police departments, school systems, infrastructure projects and economic development we can change the landscape of our largest urban centers and help Black women, their families and communities thrive.

Vi Lyles is a two term At Large Member of the Charlotte City Council and in 2015 was elected Mayor Pro Tem by her colleagues.  

With over 40 years of service to the city of Charlotte, beginning as an analyst in the city’s budget department and ultimately serving as assistant city manager, Vi has been unwavering in her commitment to make Charlotte a better place to live, work and raise a family.  After retiring from the city, Vi began consulting non-profits on strategic planning, leadership development and project implementation. 

During her tenure on the city council Vi led the adoption of the Pre-Apprenticeship Program, which invested $1 million in job training for highway and vertical construction and fiber optic cable installation careers and created a 7 Point Plan for an equitable Charlotte, which includes calls for a reorganization of the Citizen Review Board with subpoena power; creation of Neighborhood Advisory Committee in each police district; and increased investment in affordable housing. 

If elected, Vi plans to build on her work in the council by increasing affordable housing, improving relations between police and communities, creating opportunities for economic equity through job creation, on job the training and raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour for all the citizens of Charlotte. 

Higher Heights for America is thrilled that a candidate of Vi's experience and background has stepped forth to seek Charlotte's mayoralty.  Having her in the city's top post creates an opportunity to shift the priorities and tone not just for the city of Charlotte but the entire region.  

Higher Heights for America strongly encourages its members to support Vi's campaign with their time, talent and resources.  We know there is strength in our numbers and when mobilized, Black women can and do make the difference in elections.

"Vi Lyles commitment to the City of Charlotte and the breadth and depth of her life experience have prepared her to be the leader Charlotte needs at this time in history," stated Higher Heights for America Co-Founder Kimberly Peeler-Allen.

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