Consider running for office?  Join women from across the country who are ready to show how Black women lead.  

This fall, Higher Heights has partnered with Emily's List, Emerge America, VoteRunLead, and United States of Women for a series of informative in-person trainings that will provide you with the tools needed to prepare to run for elected office.   



#RunAsYouAre National Training
Minneapolis, MN
November 17 -19, 2017

Higher Heights has partnered with VoteRunLead on their #RunAsYouAre National Training This 3-day training is intense, inspirational and exactly what you'll need to run and win.  Higher Heights will be leading the Black women leaders’ cohort during the training. 

On November 17, two hundred talented women from all 50 states will help you become the powerful leader you know you are. The #RunAsYouAre National Training will prepare you to run for local and state office. The weekend will have specialized sessions for rural women leaders, office-specific content, and regional groupings that will sustain you well past the training.

Should I attend?
If you’re thinking about running for elected office between now and 2020, then YES, you should DEFINITELY attend. If you’ve already identified which office you’re running for, Run As You Are National Training will help you craft a customized campaign plan. If you’re ready to run, but haven’t decided which office yet, Run As You Are National Training will help you target an office and build a plan to enter your local political scene with a purpose. If you are currently running, you are eligible to attend, just tell us in the registration questions!

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Higher Heights has partner with United State of Women’s Galvanize Program.  Galvanize is a series of mini-summits in cities across the country aimed at arming passionate women with the resources they need to take strategic action and hold onto their share of the political power in their own communities.

You’ll spend half the program in skills-based breakouts tailored to your passions or career path:

  • Running for Office (Led by – For those interested in running for local and state office, campaigning as a pro-women candidate, and building coalitions.
  • Campaign Management (Led by Wellstone) – For those interested in leading political campaigns, especially at local and state levels.
  • Grassroots Organizing (Led by Midwest Academy) – For those interested in leading issue-based targeted campaigns, identifying sources of power in order to create change, learning about recruitment, and organizing across constituencies.
  • Leadership (Led by Bossed Up) – For those interested in learning strategies, skills, and confidence building in order to lead groups focusing on recruitment, public speaking, and team building. 
  • Entrepreneurship (Led by BRAVA Investments) – For those interested in starting a company, pitching your idea, seeking funding, and harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit for social good.

Galvanize Upcoming Dates:

Atlanta, Georgia – November 18 -19, 2017
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – January 2018
Miami, Florida – 2018



Higher Heights has partnered with Emily’s List's Run to Win Training.  Run to Win trains women interested in running for office from the ground up.

This half-day candidate training is for women thinking about running. These trainings will guide you through the basic nuts and bolts of planning a run for office: The questions to ask yourself, the things to start thinking about, and the steps you can take to get there.

Run to Win  Upcoming Date

New York, NY: Saturday, October 28th
Raleigh, NC: Saturday, November 11th
Detroit, MI: Saturday, October 28th
Part of the Women's March Convention.

Dallas, TX: Saturday, December 9th




Miami, FL:  Saturday, November 18th link: 



Be the first to know when registration opens in future cities, with more stops in 2018 to be announced soon!