Nominate a Sista to Watch

Higher Heights is compiling our 2015 Sistas to Watch list and we want to hear from you

Higher Heights’ Sistas to Watch profiles and highlights the dynamic leadership of Black women from across the country. The 2015 list is shaping up to be an amazing list of Black women leaders who will share their insight, experiences and advice. 

When looking at politics and government, our representation remains mostly white and mostly male. Look closer and you can see 20 Black women serving in Congress. Look even closer and you see two black women serving in statewide executive office and 251 Black women legislators.

These women and many others across the country are fighting for what is important to Black women and our families.  Whether we are looking at corporations, government, universities, the media, or leaders of advocacy groups, we see more and more Black Women Leading.

If you would like to nominate someone, please fill out the below information and submit, today.

Name and title/position of the Sista you wish to nominate.