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  • Moving to Higher Heights

    Invest in Us!

    An investment in Black women is a winning investment!

    Now more than ever, Black women have a pivotal role to play in moving our country forward, and there is no organization as intimately connected to America’s community of Black women voter, advocates and leaders as Higher Heights.

    We are dedicated to creating an environment for Black women’s sustained political leadership and engagement, and we are winning. Imagine what is possible with your support. Unleashing the organizing potential of Black women at the polls and on the ballot starts with you. Here’s how you can help #BlackWomenLead:


  • Help Elect More Black Women to Office

    Imagine an America with More Black Women in Political Office

    Higher Heights for America PAC is galvanizing the collective political power of our members to help elect more Black women to public office at all levels. As a Higher Heights member, you can help Black women running for public office by making a contribution to the PAC.


  • Join The Founders Circle

    "As Black women, we're often carry the torch for caring for our families and communities.  We do what we can individually, but real change comes when we stand together.  This is what Higher Heights' Founders Circle is all about: uniting and leveraging our resources for broad-based change.”
    -Beatrice Sibblies, Founding Member and Membership Chair

    As a rapidly growing national organization, Higher Heights has launched an exciting opportunity for you to be a part of our history.  As a member of the Founders Circle, you will be among 200 Founding Members committed to providing the foundation to build, expand and sustain a national infrastructure that strengthens Black women’s political power and leadership capacity.

    Members of the Founders Circle give $1,000 or more annually to support Higher Heights’ efforts to build – and sustain – a national network of Black women and their allies that can effectively move millions of political dollars to harness the power and influence of Black women in the public and political sphere.

    As one of our philanthropic leaders, your contribution as a member of the Founders Circle ensures that Higher Heights continues to provide the highest quality tools, training, and support to Black women-led grassroots advocacy campaigns and electoral processes.

    Solidify your name in history. Join Higher Heights’ Founders Circle today!

    Mail contributions to:
    Higher Heights for America
    147 Prince Street, Suite 36
    Brooklyn, NY  11201

    *Contributions to Higher Heights for America, a 501(c)(4) organization, are not tax deductible.