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    Invest in Us!

    An investment in Black women is a winning investment!

    Now more than ever, Black women have a pivotal role to play in moving our country forward, and there is no organization as intimately connected to America’s community of Black women voter, advocates and leaders as Higher Heights.

    We are dedicated to creating an environment for Black women’s sustained political leadership and engagement, and we are winning. Imagine what is possible with your support. Unleashing the organizing potential of Black women at the polls and on the ballot starts with you. Here’s how you can help #BlackWomenLead:


  • $40,572.75 raised
    GOAL: $50,000.00


    This summer, Black women are showing us how they lead.

    There are Black women running for mayor all over the country.

    Black women are stepping off the sidelines and preparing to run for Congress next year.

    Thousands of Black women are raising their voices across this country to fight attempts to roll back 50 years of progress by attending protests and town hall meetings and calling and emailing their elected leaders.

    There is a lot of work to do to elevate the voices of Black women and mobilize them to the voting booth in the upcoming elections.

    We need your help to raise $50,000 by September 15th. That breaks down to $5,000 a week.

    We need members like you to continue to support our work to:

    • Prepare and empower Black women interested in running for office;
    • Host salon conversations across the country to ensure that Black women’s voices are heard in important policy debates and;
    • Support candidates like Yvette Simpson who is running to be Mayor of Cincinnati, OH and Stacey Abrams who is running to be the first woman Governor of Georgia.

    Thank you for helping us Elevate. Activate and Mobilize Black women!


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    Do you know a lot of Black women who lead?  Become a t-shirt captain!  

    Help us reach our goal of recruiting 100 new members between September 10th and September 19th.

    Compete with other T-Shirt Captains to win a #BlackWomenLead swag bag, a shout out on our website, bragging rights and a a grand prize of 2 tickets to the National Museum of African American History and Culture on Saturday, September 24th! 

    Complete the information below and we will set up your promo code for your network to use at check out.  

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  • Help Elect More Black Women to Office

    Imagine an America with More Black Women in Political Office

    Higher Heights for America PAC is galvanizing the collective political power of our members to help elect more Black women to public office at all levels. As a Higher Heights member, you can help Black women running for public office by making a contribution to the PAC.


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