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Higher Heights for America

NEW YORK Today, Glynda C. Carr, the President and CEO of Higher Heights for America — the only national organization exclusively dedicated to harnessing Black women’s political power from the voting booth to elected office — issued the following statement on the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police: 

“Today, like so many others, we mourn the tragic and senseless death of George Floyd and all the lives that have been lost at the hands of law enforcement in this country. After one year of heightened and tireless national advocacy, so much more work still must be done to not only hold individuals accountable for their actions, but also ensure that long-lasting, institutional changes needed to end the legal system’s disproportionate harm on Black people advance. 

“Over the past year, there has been powerful, relentless activism for policy and cultural changes that will prioritize and protect the lives of Black Americans against discrimination and violence in all corners of our country. We have consistently seen Black women at the forefront of this advocacy, leading protests in the streets, turning out in record numbers to make their voices heard at the voting booths, running for and serving in public office, and rallying their families and communities to do the same. 

“For us to achieve real institutional transformation, our government needs to accurately represent the people it serves. Black women are closest to the realities and impacts of police brutality and are critical voices in local, state and federal conversations about how to address this deep-rooted, systemic racism. To continue building on this past year of national, intergenerational advocacy, we must empower Black women to run, win and lead in elected office at all levels. We are deeply committed to advancing Black women’s elected representation in order to advance our nation’s calls for true racial equity and justice.”