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This past week all eyes were on Baltimore watching the aftermath of Freddy Gray’s arrest and death.  America took to social media to react to the stories and images from the protesters rallying for justice to the rioters and looters destroying property.  The video of a mother literally fighting for her son’s life grabbing him from the street to bring him home sparked spirited debates.  On Friday, people responded to the announcement that the six officers would face criminal charges and were introduced to a Sista to Watch Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.   

Every day people from all backgrounds took to Facebook and Twitter to discuss, debate, and share their wide range of emotions.  Today, leaders are calling this a day of healing and reflection.  We want to hear from you.  That is why this Sunday Brunch with Higher Heights is creating a space for you to share your reactions, your stories, your thoughts and your photos.




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  • Michelle Akyempong
    The State Attorney was correct in the indictment of those 6 Officers. An indictment doesnt necessarily mean they will go to jail, however it does mean this case will have action..She understands through her Grandfather and Father how real police should act. Isn’t it a shame this couldn’t happen in S. I. For Eric Garner. Now the D.A. is running for Congress on May 5th. We have to make sure he doesn’t win this seat. YOUR VOTE counts #BLACK LIVES MATTER
  • Madeline Sanders
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  • Madeline Sanders
  • Madeline "Sandy" Sanders
    I applaud Marilyn Mosby for proceeding expeditiously with the investigation of Freddie Gray’s death which of course occurred while he was in police custody. Further, she is to be commended for exercising the take charge method of determining the type of charges that should be lodged against the police officers in question, and then acting accordingly. That is, rather than refer the matter to a grand jury for the process to play out. Ms. Mosby unquestionably set the bar higher for attorneys around the country with respect to how they should address charges of alleged police misconduct concerning the shootings/killings of unarmed black males. Further, the citizens of Baltimore must be ever vigilant by being mindful of the fact that the imposition of charges against the police involved is the first in a series of actions necessary before justice can be hopefully claimed. Meanwhile, hopefully all matters will work for the good of the Gray Family which seeks and should expect justice.
  • Abigail Ryan
    While I fully understand the mom getting upset about her son throwing rocks, I do not agree with her statement. Giving a heinous crime credit for her reaction is not productive to the cause or to great parenting. We try to be great parents to ensure we either continue a family legacy, reverse a negative cycle, grow productive members of society, and nurture a future spouse to continue a family. We should not be parenting out of fear that our children will end up murdered by civil servants.
  • Glynda Carr