12 Days of Political Empowerment


As we countdown the days until 2015, here is a list of 12 things you can do to make an impact on public policy and strengthen our political engagement through Higher Heights’ 12 Days of Political Empowerment.

We thank you in advance for participating in our 2014 "12 Days of Political Engagement."  Please share this list with your network.  Our collective power is a gift that keeps on giving. 

 (December 25th) Day 1:  Talk to your friends and family about politics.

This season as we gather around tables and living rooms with our family and friends, let’s take some time to discuss the top issues, policies, and politics affecting our communities.  Collectively, we can harness our power, one person at a time, and discuss effective solutions and ways we can all be engaged. Merry Christmas.

(December 26th) Day 2: Umoja: Unite to Advocate.

The seven principles of Kwanzaa are unity, self-determination, responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. For the first day of Kwanzaa, we celebrate Umoja (Unity).  Let’s work together to maintain unity  in the family, community, and nation. Happy Kwanzaa!

(December 27th) Day 3: Volunteer. 

Organizations like Higher Heights, as well as other civic and community organizations, depend on volunteers to help with everything from special events to day-to-day administrative duties.  We must all be the change we wish to see by giving back to our communities. Consider volunteering at a local organization.  Your involvement matters.

(December 28th) Day 4: Become a Higher Heights member.

Did you know that Black women's collective spending power is over $565 billion a year?   Imagine if we shifted just 10 percent of that spending to enhance our political and community stewardship. Help us strengthen this movement by becoming a Higher Heights member today!

(December 29th) Day 5:  Get your #BlackWomenLead Tshirt

Black women lead every day from volunteering at our local soup kitchen to serving on the local PTA.   Get your Tshirt today and rock your t-shirt at the gym, while shopping, or during your next community service project and show that #BlackWomenLead. Get yours now! 

(December 30th) Day 6: Commit to hosting a Sister to Sister Salon Conversation.

Explore the barriers and opportunities that exist to build an effective strategy to support and expand Black women's leadership by signing up to host a salon conversation in your community. Let's build the leadership pipeline together.

(December 31st) Day 7: Get five friends to join Higher Heights' online community.

Higher Heights seeks to elevate Black women's voices to shape and advance progressive politics and policies. Help us grow this movement by asking five of your friends to join our online community today.  Our voice matters.

(January 1st) Day 8: Make a political resolution.

2015 is an important year as we continue to lay the ground work for strong political representation in 2016. Let us make a collective New Year’s resolution to increase our civic engagement and strengthen our political power. Happy New Year!

(January 2nd) Day 9:  Encourage a Sista to run for office.

Black women must be asked more than 5 times to run for office. Be the voice in the ear of a friend, family member, or colleague and ask a Sista to run.

(January 3rd) Day 10: Follow Black women in leadership.

There are some amazing Black women past and present currently serving in Washington, Statehouses, and City Halls across the county.  We must follow and support those that are in office while fostering the growth of those to come. Post a picture and follow your inspiring leaders on Twitter, Instagram and FB using our hashtag #BlackWomenLead. Be sure to follow us @higherheights4 on all social networks.

 (January 4th) Day 11: Canvass, phone bank, or fundraise.

Running for office requires a lot of peoplepower. By volunteering to canvass, phone bank, or fundraise for a candidate we can show our support and help #BlackWomenLead.

 (January 5th) Day 12: Stay informed and Join us for Sunday Brunch

Black women continue to be a significant part of the Black electorate and our voice matters. Join us on Sunday, January 4th for the first of our 2015 Sunday Brunch with Higher Heights. Mark our calendars and spread the word today!