Honoring the Legacy of Shirley Chisholm on the 50 Anniversary of her election to Congress.

Meet seven amazing  Unbought and Unbossed Black women leaders sharing their thoughts on Higher Heights’ work to help #BlackWomenLead


"I am a Black women who leads because my community needs for me to lead and that's why I ran." — @AyannaPressley talks about walking in her Mother's footsteps and stepping into her power much like Shirley Chisholm. #BlackWomenLead

LUCY MCBATH - #BlackWomenLead

"Women of color are standing up because there's so much at stake. If we don't stand up, what we can provide for our families, our children, and our grandchildren is threatened." — @LucyWins2018 talks the importance of fighting for our families. #BlackWomenLead


"The decisions that we make right now will effect our future generations...and Black women recognize this fact." — @LUnderwood630 talks the importance of new leaders. #BlackWomenLead

JAHANA HAYES - #BlackWomenLead

The Chisholm legacy has elevated women like @JahanaHayesCT who felt inspired to run for office to be the change she wanted to see. Hear from her directly! #BlackWomenLead

ILHAN OMAR - #BlackWomenLead

@IlhanMN talks about leaning into her power and not waiting on permission. Just as Shirley Chisholm took center stage to do what most thought was the impossible. Take a look! #BlackWomenLead